Fit Tunes Dogs: Music to Walk, Run & Play By

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NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pet Acoustics announces the release of their newest product for pet parents cool-stylin' down the street with their dog, Fit Tunes Dogs. A portable speaker pre-loaded with upbeat music to engage active behavior during walks and playtime. Make your time together entertaining with dog-centric sounds to stimulate activity through canine hearing alertness for a healthier life.Fit Tunes Dogs is based on the study of tempos in canine movement by sound behaviorist and composer, Janet Marlow, Founder of Pet Acoustics Inc. Each lively track is ornamented with squeaky toys, whistles, human praises, nature and more. Dogs become more alert and active. You'll be moving, too, making your moments together more energetic and fun. Listen to samples on Fit Tunes DogsRetails at $49.99 on Contains (95 minutes) 12 Musical TracksClips to Leash, Belt or BagPortable and Lightweight (5 oz)Bluetooth Compatible for DevicesUSB Charging CordInstruction Manual"Usually on our walks when Finn would see a diesel truck he would jump around, bark, and act like he wanted to attack it. With the music, he was aware but calm. Then a jogger went by, and again, no antics, just calm, like he was in a happy little bubble. Fit Tunes is a game changer!" Jane S.V." I created Fit Tunes Dogs for a new experience for daily walks and playtime as an extra level of fun for both you and your dog! Over a dog's lifespan we walk our dogs approximately 10,950 times, so changing it up is a good thing. Apart from the pep in your dog's step, you'll see benefits such as less reactive behaviors. I see Fit Tunes Dogs as a plus to a healthier and happier outdoor lifestyle with your best friend!" Janet Marlow, Founder and CEO of Pet Acoustics.* Not intended for dogs when home alone.* Always check with your veterinarian about your dog's health before integrating an exercise program.Since 2009, Pet Acoustics innovations have helped thousands of pets worldwide with clinically tested products and endorsed by veterinarians to promote wellness.Featured on Animal Planet, CNN, Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal, Apple News, Gizmodo. Awarded by Pet Age Magazine, Fear Free Pets and Litchfield Magazine. MEDIA CONTACT: Alan Brennan, Managing Box 26Washington Depot, CT 06794