Letter to the Editor: Ways to avoid buying from a puppy mill this holiday

Posted by Whiskers101 on

It can be hoped that those in the market for a Christmas puppy will not get the pet from a puppy mill, where the breeding dogs are too often kept in misery for their breeding life.

Purchasing a puppy in a pet store or online almost guarantees that the pet will indeed be from a puppy mill. The better breeders don't usually sell pets online or to pet stores.

Better breeders want potential buyers to see the parent dogs and see how they live.

Pet stores and breeders who sell online will tell potential buyers that the pups did not come from puppy mills because they want to make a sale.

Often the customer will take home a puppy only to find that they face high veterinary bills because the puppy was sick when it was sold to them.

And, their purchase helps keep the puppy mills in business. Readers can learn more about the horrors of puppy mills by a computer search.

Area shelters and rescue groups are full of puppies and dogs that will make great pets if just given a chance.

Check them out if you are longing for a Christmas pet.

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