This Automated Pet Toilet Is Like A Litter Box For Dogs

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Forget walking your dog in the rain or having to clean up pet accidents in your house. Now, your furry friend can have an automated pet toilet to make going to the bathroom that much easier. Called Inubox, the toilet designed for dogs captures, processes and contains waste with an <a href="">automated process</a>.

When your pet steps on the Inubox platform, the system detects your canine and once they finish relieving themselves, it senses the waste and closes the platform to clean it up. Then it also deploys a treat for your pet.

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At CES 2019, the Austin-based startup sparked conversation with its pet toilet. It added to the excitement around technology for pets, a hot topic at the Las Vegas annual conference.

“As dog owners we realize we spend too many hours away from home, leaving our dogs alone, and that can make dogs sick by holding his pee for too long,” said Ivan Gutierrez, one of the Inubox founders, <a href="">to This Dog’s Life</a>. “So, we have created the first fully automated dog toilet so they can use it on demand. Your dog needs a place to do his business while you are away at work, your house will stay clean and odorless and your dog will be happy.”

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The Inubox co-founders say that this is the world’s first smart pet toilet for dogs. However, similar smart products to dispose of pet waste are on the market, including <a href="">Brilliant Pad</a>, a self-cleaning toilet pad that costs $149.99 on the product’s website, and Litter Robot 3 Connect, which is an automatic litter box for cats and <a href="">costs $499</a>.

Inubox is using Kickstarter to fund its initial production and the company is working to raise $85,000 to head into the production phase. With a $696 pledge, backers can get their name on the list for delivery, which the company says it plans for November 2019.

Once you have an automated toilet, add some <a href="">comfy pet furniture</a>, and your dog will be in heaven!

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