VIDEO: Puppy porch pirates steal package from Kentucky home

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Package thieves have been wreaking havoc across Kentucky for some time, but these two might be able to avoid punishment given that they are not your average criminals.

Ashley Craig Hymer ordered a package from Amazon that she never received, so she assumed someone had stolen it from her porch in Lexington, Kentucky. Hymer studied her home security camera footage and discovered that although her package had been stolen, it was not by any perpetrator she imagined. Hymer watched the footage as her dogs, Ocoee and Denali, both three-month-old Labrador puppies, take the package from the corner of the porch and begin to carry it away on February 17.

Hymer told Storyful that she recovered the package at the side of her house and that the contents were undamaged.

Credit: Ashley Craig Hymer via Storyful