SmartPet Desktop Air Purifier

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Pet Allergy Sufferer? Do you enjoy the smell of fresh air and not look forward to that first whiff of your beloved pet when you walk into your home? Or, are you an allergy sufferer who can’t live without a furry, dander-shedding pet or two? Although we love our pets, they can wreak havoc on our homes and impact how we feel. This Desktop Air Purifier is the perfect product to 


The primary filter removes airborne bacteria, mold and fungi. The true helpa filter provides a second degree of cleaning by trapping harmful particles like pet dander, dust & mites, pollen and tobacco. The fine-grade carbon filter removes the odors from pets, cigarette smoke and cooking odors.


PURIFIES THE AIR IN YOUR PET’S FAVORITE ROOMS. Easily used in all rooms your pet visits, including the bedrooms, living room, or kitchen.

PORTABLE. Easy to move from room to room.

EASY TO OPERATE. Easy touch controls. Power on/off switch. 2-speed fan control. Ion generator toggle, capable of removing 3 MILLION negative ions.

QUIETER THAN A WHISPER. Super silent technology. Purifier runs at only 20-40db.

Product Specifications:

Noise: ≤35dB
Power Source: Electrical
Voltage (V): DC12V
Power Supply: Direct Current
Capacity (CFM): 99.8%
Anion Density: 3000000pcs/m³
Dimension: 350*160*480mm
Wind Speed: High and Low Wind Speed Regulation
Application area: 11-20㎡
Certification: CB,CE
Benzene Removal Rate: 98.00%
Oxygen Supply: 1.1L/min(included)-3L/min(included)
Type: HEPA Filter
Power (W): 5w
Application: 10-20m³
Usage Condition: Household
Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 99.20%
Air Volume: 50m³/h
Working capacity: 300ml/day
Input Voltage: 9V, 2.5A
Water tank volume: 700ml
Polar fan speed: 2600 prm
CADR(particulate matter): 30m3/h


Customer Reviews

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Looks good

Looks good; not too big for my space! I have horrible allergies and my border collie didn't help anything. I feel so much better now and it rarely bothers me!

Nice unit.

Nice unit. The filter seemed a bit flimsy, but seems to operate just fine. Tested the negative ion generation and it worked really well. Shipping took a bit longer than expected, but no big deal.

great product, i thought it will be bigger, but its great

great product, i thought it will be bigger, but its great

My husband loves it

My husband keeps this by his recliner in the living room and doesn't sneeze and wheeze anymore. It's quiet so he can still hear the tv without turning it up.


Received item . Works as exactly as described. Thank you!!